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Teresa Wright

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A word after a word after a word is power. ~ Margaret Atwood

Hold to the now, the here, through which all future plunges to the past~James JoyceUlysses

I wasn't seeking a hummingbird

July 11, 2017
enduring as a Bengal's stripes
I've strayed evermore ground,
trekked on and around, uphill.
chancing upon a familiar river
I've hushed curious bends and
drifted, late with silent stealth.
flowing fluently without breath
I've caught the fascinated view
loitered near the mouth, scant.
racing mindless as a fallen leaf
I've slipped unversed as rhyme
broke madcap as rapids, riven.
breathing in, iridescent as flight
I've reached a ginger paw, alive,
smiled, surprised to be at home.

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Health comes from the Earth, our spirit and our mind. Living a Life of Health and Happiness begins with our self.  The choices you have made in the past have made you who you are today.  Fortunately, the choices you make today determine who you will be tomorrow.


Be kind, generous and live with gratitude.  Trust your inner wisdom, your spiritual strength, your body and your mind to guide you along your path.  Be present with each and every step you take, breathe in positive energy, exhale the negative.

Be Compassionate - Begin with yourself. 



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