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Teresa Wright

tracing twaddle dot by dot, letter by letter


Apparently I am Human.  If you have met me, you will doubt, as I do, that 'fact'.

I feel. I hear. I know. I trust. I treasure. I whisper. I love. I dance. I spin. I see. I attract.

I am smitten with words, sometimes i grow them in teacups above the sink.

I am more and less complicated than your computer.

I am animal, alien, amphibian, longing for wings and a place to offload sentience.

I followed rules - not too well. I follow instinct, instinctively.

I dream. I wax. I taste. I laugh. I scamper. I holler. I drip. I melt. I mock. I lend. I wane.

I am beldam. I am boor. I am Fata Morgana. I am glossator. I am grok. I am joyce. 

I am kipti. I am lamia. I am Martha. I am momus. I am sophiste and Scrutine. I am Witan.

That I am feline, agile, velvet, putty, incendiary, spongy and mute, is participatory.

I am the gate. I am the night. I am the void. I am the apple and the olive. I am the sheep.

I am data. I am dork. I am jerk. I am doxy. I am mork. I am quark. I am stupe. I am lap.


I am inspired.  I credit: Everything & Nothing.  Cacophony & Quiet. The Earth. Art: Atwood,B.S.,Purdy, Platt, Petty, Picasso, SJP, Marpo, Monet, Syd B., Lou R., D. Jones, Bob, Floyd, Pete, R. Davies. Lawrence; Errand-spirits and snow angels; Creatures with paws, scales shells or wings; Water; Inhalation; heartbeats: SKT, JZT, MLW, CJP <3 

In the end, I am verbose.